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Commercial Refrigeration Services in Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May & Monmouth County

General Refrigeration, a leader in refrigeration repair, installation, and design, proudly serves businesses across Southern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore, including Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May, and Monmouth Counties. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, from restaurants and retail stores to hospitals, labs, and schools, ensuring every sector’s unique refrigeration needs are met with precision and professionalism.

Our repair services are comprehensive, addressing issues in all types of refrigeration equipment, from walk-in coolers to ice machines. We understand the urgency of refrigeration failures, which is why our skilled technicians are available 24/7/365 for emergency repairs, ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

In addition to repairs, we specialize in custom refrigeration installation. Whether you’re setting up a new facility or upgrading existing equipment, our team delivers top-notch installation services tailored to your specific requirements.

Moreover, our refrigeration design services are second to none. We collaborate closely with clients to create efficient, innovative refrigeration systems that perfectly align with their operational needs. Trust General Refrigeration for all your refrigeration repair, installation, and design needs – your reliable partner in maintaining the perfect chill.



Emergency Services


General Refrigeration, a premier provider of commercial refrigeration services, caters to a diverse array of industries across Southern New Jersey, including Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May, and Monmouth Counties, as well as the Jersey Shore area. Their extensive range of services, from installation to emergency repairs, is tailored to meet the unique needs of each industry they serve. Here’s a closer look at the industries General Refrigeration serves, each with its specific refrigeration requirements:

  1. Apartment Buildings: Offering reliable refrigeration solutions for multi-unit residential buildings, ensuring efficient cooling systems in common areas and individual units.
  2. Commercial & Industrial: Specializing in large-scale refrigeration systems for commercial and industrial settings, including manufacturing plants and large businesses.
  3. Data Center Monitoring: Providing critical cooling systems to maintain optimal temperatures in data centers, crucial for protecting sensitive electronic equipment.
  4. Factories: Equipping factories with robust refrigeration systems to store raw materials and finished products, particularly in food manufacturing.
  5. Florists: Offering specialized cooling solutions to keep flowers fresh, extending their shelf life and maintaining their beauty.
  6. Food Production & Food Processing: Ensuring strict temperature control for food safety and quality in the food production and processing industry.
  7. Food Service Cooler & Freezer Monitoring: Providing advanced monitoring solutions for coolers and freezers in the food service industry, crucial for food preservation.
  8. Grocery Stores: Installing and maintaining large refrigeration units for grocery stores, essential for keeping perishable goods fresh.
  9. Hospitals & Clinic Refrigeration: Delivering precise refrigeration solutions for hospitals and clinics, vital for storing medications, vaccines, and medical supplies.
  10. Hospitality (including Hotels and Resorts): Catering to the hospitality industry with customized refrigeration systems for guest rooms, dining areas, and event spaces.
  11. Industrial Plants: Providing heavy-duty refrigeration systems for industrial applications, including chemical storage and industrial processing.
  12. Lab & Pharmaceutical: Offering specialized refrigeration for laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, essential for research and drug storage.
  13. Municipalities: Serving municipal facilities with diverse refrigeration needs, from public buildings to community centers.
  14. Office Buildings: Equipping office complexes with efficient refrigeration systems for employee comfort and operational needs.
  15. Pharmaceutical Facilities: Installing high-precision refrigeration units for pharmaceutical storage, ensuring compliance with strict industry standards.
  16. Pharmacy Refrigeration: Providing pharmacies with accurate and reliable refrigeration units to store sensitive pharmaceuticals.
  17. Refineries: Supplying robust refrigeration solutions for refineries, where precise temperature control is crucial for safety and efficiency.
  18. Restaurants: Offering a range of refrigeration solutions for restaurants, from walk-in coolers to display refrigerators, ensuring food freshness and safety.
  19. Retail, Grocery & C-Stores: Providing versatile refrigeration systems for retail, grocery stores, and convenience stores, catering to a variety of cooling needs.
  20. Schools (including Universities): Ensuring safe and efficient refrigeration systems for school cafeterias and university dining halls, crucial for storing large quantities of food.
  21. Shopping Malls: Installing and servicing refrigeration units in shopping malls, essential for food courts, retail stores, and entertainment venues.
  22. Sports Arenas: Equipping sports arenas with large-scale refrigeration systems for concessions and event catering.
  23. Universities: Catering to the diverse refrigeration needs of university campuses, from academic buildings to student housing.
  24. Vaccine Monitoring: Implementing advanced monitoring systems for vaccines, ensuring they are stored at the correct temperatures to maintain efficacy.
  25. Warehouses: Providing large-scale refrigeration solutions for warehouses, essential for inventory preservation and logistics.

General Refrigeration’s commitment to delivering top-notch refrigeration services across these industries is evident in their tailored approach and attention to detail. Their expertise ensures that businesses in Southern New Jersey have access to reliable, efficient, and state-of-the-art refrigeration solutions, no matter their specific industry requirements. With General Refrigeration, clients can expect a partnership that values quality service, customer satisfaction, and industry-specific expertise.


We Service All Major Industrial Refigeration Brands and much more

General Refrigeration, renowned for its expertise in commercial refrigeration, services an extensive range of brands, each known for its unique strengths and specialties. Here’s a detailed look at the brands they service, along with a brief description of each:

  1. American Panel: Specializes in high-quality walk-in coolers and freezers, offering durable and efficient refrigeration solutions for various industries.

  2. Bally Refrigerated Boxes: Known for their modular cold storage solutions, Bally provides reliable and customizable refrigerated boxes and warehouses.

  3. Beverage-Air: A leading brand in commercial refrigeration, offering a wide range of products, including coolers, freezers, and display cases for the beverage industry.

  4. Bohn: Renowned for their innovative refrigeration components like evaporators and condensers, Bohn products are integral to many refrigeration systems.

  5. Continental Refrigerator: Continental Refrigerator offers a comprehensive line of commercial refrigerators and freezers known for their quality, durability, and energy efficiency.

  6. Delfield: Provides a variety of commercial refrigeration and food service equipment, including under-counter units and prep tables.

  7. Heatcraft: A global leader in commercial refrigeration, offering high-quality evaporators, condensers, and refrigeration components.

  8. Hoshizaki: Recognized for their durable and high-performing ice makers and refrigeration products, catering to food service and hospitality industries.

  9. Howard McCray Specializes in commercial refrigeration display cases, which are ideal for retail and food service environments.

  10. Hussmann: A leader in manufacturing innovative and energy-efficient refrigeration systems for the retail food industry.

  11. Ice-O-Matic: Offers a range of commercial ice machines and dispensers known for their efficiency and reliability.

  12. Kelvinator Commercial: Provides robust commercial refrigeration equipment for heavy-duty use, including freezers and refrigerators.

  13. Manitowoc: Renowned for its cutting-edge ice-making equipment, serving various commercial needs.

  14. Master-Bilt: Offers a complete line of refrigeration solutions, including walk-in coolers, freezers, and refrigerated display cases.

  15. Migali: Known for its commercial refrigeration equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, and prep tables, focusing on innovation and value.

  16. One Event Technologies: Specializes in temperature monitoring technology, crucial for pharmaceuticals and food service industries.

  17. Perlick: A leading manufacturer of high-quality refrigeration equipment, including under-counter refrigeration and bar refrigeration systems.

  18. Russell: Offers a range of refrigeration solutions, including evaporators and condensers, known for their quality and efficiency.

  19. Scotsman: A global leader in ice machine manufacturing, offering a wide range of ice makers for various commercial needs.

  20. Silver King: Specializes in refrigeration solutions for the food service industry, including coolers, freezers, and prep tables.

  21. Traulsen: Provides a wide range of high-quality commercial refrigeration equipment known for its reliability and innovative technology.

  22. Trenton Refrigeration Products: A comprehensive line of commercial refrigeration products, including condensing units and evaporators.

  23. Turbo Air: Known for their commercial refrigeration and air conditioning products, offering high efficiency and eco-friendly solutions.

General Refrigeration’s ability to service such a diverse range of reputable brands demonstrates its versatility and expertise in commercial refrigeration. This capability ensures that clients in Southern New Jersey have access to top-tier service, regardless of the brand or type of their refrigeration equipment.



  • American Panel
  • Bally Refrigerated Boxes
  • Beverage-Air
  • Bohn
  • Continental Refrigerator
  • Delfield
  • Heatcraft
  • Hoshizaki
  • Howard McCray
  • Hussmann
  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Kelvinator Commercial
  • Manitowoc
  • Master-Bilt
  • Migali
  • One Event Technologies
  • Perlick
  • Russell
  • Scotsman
  • Silver King
  • Traulsen
  • Trenton Refrigeration Products
  • Turbo Air
  • and much more…


Choosing General Refrigeration to service your commercial refrigeration system is a decision that brings unparalleled expertise and reliability to your business. Serving a diverse range of industries, including restaurants, hospitals, schools, labs, pharmacies, and retail stores, our services are designed to meet the specific needs of each sector. We operate across Southern New Jersey, including Ocean, Atlantic, Cape May, and Monmouth Counties, as well as the Jersey Shore area, ensuring wide-reaching support.

Our proficiency in handling various types of refrigerated kitchen equipment sets us apart. From walk-in coolers and freezers to ice machines and prep tables, we ensure that every piece of equipment operates at its best. We also specialize in servicing a wide array of reputable brands such as American Panel, Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Beverage-Air, and more, guaranteeing that no matter the brand of your equipment, our skilled technicians have the know-how to provide top-notch service.

At General Refrigeration, we understand the critical role that refrigeration systems play in your business operations. Our commitment to quality service, extensive industry knowledge, and presence in key New Jersey areas make us the ideal choice for maintaining and enhancing your commercial refrigeration systems.

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